Friday, December 19, 2008

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Today started out with fluffy white flakes that quickly turned to pouring ice rain. What a mess! I decided not to venture out, but instead built a cozy fire. My ol’ coonhound baby slept most of the day away on the snowman hearth rug, all snuggy warm. I baked cookies and pumpkin bread while sipping tea. Oh, a cozy day it was!

We’re having a quiet Christmas this year. So I didn’t put up as many trees as I usually do. With all my kids in basketball we’re hardly home and unable to entertain this year. But I did put up the main traditional tree with all the kids ornaments and a few sweet little vignettes for me! Here’s a peek at a few:

This is from my family room.

My feather tree with a few vintage ornaments and garland, snowmen from Victorian Trading Co. and Martha Stewart pink glitter candy canes.

And my good friend Becky from Up The Hill gave me the scoop on where to find this cutie!

This was my indulgence this year! I wish I could have taken better pictures as it’s so beautiful! When the candles warm up, the silver and multi-colored glitter float in the candlesticks. It’s so eye catching!

From my living room are a few of my Teena Flanner figurines. I’m so charmed by these, I think I may need to add more to my collection!


  1. I love your decorations! I love your cloche with the wonderful little house! Your white tree is so darling with the vintage ornies. Oh.....sounds like you had such a great day!

  2. Your decorations are so pretty. I especially like the house in the cloche.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Christmas. Those candles with the floating glitter! Those cute lil'green trees! Never seen those before! Don'cha wish we had bought a few more of those cloche houses ;o)!

  4. Images you shared here are not opening, although you have mentioned everything but viewing picture is added advantage. Can you please check it back and repost it? thanks