Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Antique Bottles!

On a recent trip, I found tons of these wonderful antique bottles! My mind went wild with ideas for their use. First I thought they would be perfect for little sprigs of flowers. And as you can see they are! They have two nice flat sides so they would be easy to repurpose. A vintage decal or perfume bottle label, some sparkle and some Mod Podge ~ then old pieces of jewelry and ribbon and it's a gorgeous vanity bottle! I also thought they would make great favors and/or name plates at a tea or shower. There are tons of pretty stickers available at places like Michaels. Just write in the guests name, add a wild flower stem and wait for the Wows! 

Of course I had to know the history. I purchased an entire box of these from sweet couple that were bottle dealers. They said they picked them up from a museum action in Indiana. Apparently boxes of these were donated, but the museum only had room for so many, so the rest went to auction. The dealers believe these date from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and were probably perfume bottles. The museum did not provide them with any information and they are basing this on their years of expertise in the antique bottle business. While I love background information on my finds, I'm not sure it entirely matters as they are WONDERFUL just loaded with cozy cottage charm!!

 I'm keeping some and selling the rest at The Pink Rose Cottage. They are available singly or in a group of three.  My personal favorite is groups of three. I have three on my kitchen windowsill right now and I'm looking forward to more summer blossoms so I can change them often!