Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday Flea Market time again!

It’s the last Friday in January, and The Cozy Cottage has some fabulous items to offer in today’s Friday Flea Market – half price!

Perfect for Valentines Day is this cute set of red and white vintage tea towels. A fun design of forks and spoons.

To purchase, click picture
Was $32.00, Now only $16.00

This is charming vintage Sealtest Milk Crate. A beautiful shabby chic blue color, prefect for magazines or holding vintage linens.

To purchase, click picture
Was $50.00, Now only $25.00!

All items in the Christmas category are 50% off. Type in coupon code: ChristmasClearance08 at check out. These items won’t be around for long, so make sure you pick up what you missed this past Christmas!

And for my linen loving friends, I recently added a few more vintage tablecloths to the site. They’ll make you think spring!

Don’t forget to visit all the wonderful sellers at Friday Flea Market!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Valentines….

Oh my! It’s snowing again. Or should I say still…the weatherman tells us we will break the record for the 7th snowiest winter today. And it’s only January! We’re sure to break a few more...But I’m hunkered down with a nice comfy fire and all I want to do is plot in front of it and read all day. I just wish the kids and hubby were home. Such a cozy feeling to have everyone here safe and warm during this horrible weather.

Since I feel guilty reading all day, I thought I’d share another Valentines picture. This is my tea table in my living room. Amanda did another great job! I know Kathleen from Rural Maine Life wanted to see more Peggy Karr. The long platter is another from my collection. The Valentines planter and little Lefton girl figurine came from an estate sale for a song. 50¢ and 10¢. I think the little girl is so very sweet with the pink bird in her hand.

As much as I want to be lazy all day, I guess it’s time to get busy. Hope you are all staying warm as I know this lovely weather is affecting a lot of the country. Dig out those wool socks my friends!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I promised to share the Valentine decorations Amanda did. And here they are!

This is from our living room. My mom gave me the bell cloche for Christmas. And I’m ever the bargain hunter. The velvet red roses I got a few years back at Target for 75% off. And the beaded centerpiece is another Target find after Christmas this year. Also 75% off. I just LOVE Target!

My little feather tree that almost never gets put away. I love to change it with the holidays.

I’m a big fan of Peggy Karr Art Glass and this is the piece that started my collection.

The acrylic letters that spell LOVE are my latest find. More pink in person then in the pictures, the sides are sprinkled with showy glitter. Another Target find, but no sale this time. I just couldn’t wait!

There is more to come!! So please stop back.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday Flea Market!

Shop the The Cozy Cottage for 50% off of every item in the Christmas department. Lots of nice decorating items left. Plus if you make those gorgeous vintage ornament wreaths, there are still some wonderful glass ornaments available! You can’t beat the price! Just type in coupon code: ChristmasClearance08

Don't forget to visit all the wonderful sellers at Friday Flea Market!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 years ago today....

my middle daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Thank you sweetie for taking such good care of yourself. Thank you for your patience with me. And thank you Lord for our second chance.

And my friends, please keep praying for a cure.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Button Treasure Hunting

It’s still miserably cold here. But the nice part of this horrible weather is having the entire family home together. We’re doing a lot of fun things that we normally would have found boring. So when my oldest daughter asked to put the Valentine decorations out, I was thrilled to have a little project with her!

My plan was to do a lot in vintage. Now Amanda really doesn’t like vintage, but she went with it. I pulled out what I wanted to use and she put it together. Which brings me to my buttons….

I wanted buttons in the square silver bonbon tray I recently picked up at the thrift store. Now I have 5 peanut butter jars and 2 large tins full of buttons. When we pulled out the first jar of white buttons, I got blissfully distracted. So many neat buttons! While I’m not close to being done, here are a few of the interesting ones I’ve found.

First is the tray Amanda put together for me.

Here are some neat brass buttons. I think the ones on the right maybe be off of a military uniform.

These dark ones are neat and have unusual shapes. I have to test them because a few maybe Bakelite.

These are neat flat pearly buttons with a silver center. The green ones are very tiny and have gold accents. I’m not sure about the red ones. The just had a different feel to them, so I put them to the side.

I may have more of these, but I thought it was sweet with the ring of pearls.

I’m not sure what this is, but there are a few different ones in the pile. This one is a pearly dark blue. If you know what it is, please let me know! It’s pretty small about the size of a dime.

These are all silver metal (with the exception of the blue heart). The bowling ones are cool. As are the ones with a blue wash over the silver. The little one next to the heart is a jingle bell.

Here are some figural ones. Pretty neat. I wish there were more!

These all look like crystal. The three matching ones on the top are glass, the rest are plastic.

I still have all these to sort. I’m sorting by colors. And I haven't even opened the tins yet. These are only from the jars! It’s like a little treasure hunt!

And now I'm hooked, so I'll probably spend tomorrow sorting buttons too! Amanda did a fantastic job decorating and I'll post pictures her displays soon. They are beautiful!

And I like to apologize to my new blog friends who posted kind words to my child's vintage Valentine apron. I accidentally deleted that post. I’m sorry and hope you will post again!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday Flea Market in January ~ 50% off select items!

There are three wonderful items included in todays Friday Flea Market specials. All are 50% off. But for today only, so don’t miss out!

First is this beautiful vintage mirror. Much prettier in person and such a great bargain at todays price.

To purchase, click picture
Was $25.00, Now only $12.50!

This cold weather is having many of us “thinking spring!” What says spring more then lily of the valley! So our next Friday Flea Market special is this gorgeous vintage Westmoreland lily of the valley vase.

To purchase, click picture
Was $15.00, Now only $7.50!

And last, but not least, these cheerful and gorgeous vintage embroidered guest towels!

To purchase, click picture
Was $12.00, Now only $6.00!

Please stop by The Cozy Cottage often. I’m adding new items daily. Plus I’ll do a surprise 50% off item during the week. You won’t want to miss it!

And don’t forget to visit all the wonderful sellers at Friday Flea Market!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's on Your Table?

Have you ever visited The Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club? If not, now is a great time to take a peek around. Our home page has access to reference and cleaning information. And if you decide to join, there are many fun and interesting things going on.

Recently our members shared “What’s on Your Table.” Well, it’s cold, dark, and miserably snowy here, so I’m using a cheerful Wilendur tablecloth on my table.

How fun it was to see everyone’s different tablecloths and centerpieces. One even had a darling kitty named Bo as her centerpiece! Now is a great time to join. Membership is only $15.00 for a year. The club is a nice, friendly group who not only love tablecloths, they love all things vintage!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I’m hooked! Tarnished Silver….

My good friend Denise of Vintage Gardens has the most amazing collection of old tarnished silver. The more she shares her photos, the more I had to get a few pieces for myself!

Now mind you, I never in a million years would have thought I’d bring silver into my house. As a kid, anytime my brother and I had a huge fight, mom would drag out the silver and make us sit there and polish it. (Amazingly this happened every time the club girls were coming for cards…Just saying mom…LOL!) And boy, did I hate to polish silver!! I was never going to have any in my house when I grew up!

And pretty much over the years I stuck to that. I did pick up a few odd bread plates which I quickly sold at my garage sale so I didn’t have to polish it. But now, thanks to Denise I know I don’t have to have sparking shiny silver! It’s just as beautiful with tarnish as it is freshly polished!

So why you ask, am I showing you a picture of sparkling sliver? Okay, old habits die hard. I just couldn’t put it out that way! And I have an easier way of cleaning it then just regular silver polish.

What I do is line my sink with a large piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on it. Then I lay the silver pieces on top of it.

Add boiling water to cover. But watch out. It produces a lot of steam and a stinky rotten egg smell! Ventilate you kitchen well if you try this!

Roll the pieces with a plastic utensil if the water doesn’t cover it all. Leave them soak for about 15 minutes or until you don’t see them getting any cleaner. (Add cold water to cool so you can pick them up.) You can repeat this until they come out almost clean, but getting the majority of the tarnish off with the first step makes polishing extremely easy.

I finish off with a very quick polish using SemiChrome. It does a great job and its easy since the hot baking soda bath did most of the work. Here’s the finished product! My mom’s silver that I hated to polish 30 years ago is now mine! Thank you mom, I now love it!

And I’ve added a few more pieces from the local thrift store.

I just love the detail on this piece!

So there’s my new little collection. I don’t think I’ll let it get any bigger. But I will let it tarnish now. Hey, it’s easy enough to clean if I don’t like it, right? LOL! And as soon as I place them around my house, I’ll take more pictures to share.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Friday Flea Market time again!

As promised I’m offering a few items at 50% savings, but today only!!

First is this wonderful cottage pink enamelware covered pot! Such a great shade of pink!

To purchase, click picture
Was $37.00, Now only $18.50!

Also included in Friday Flea Market’s January savings is this stunning Madeira organdy cocktail napkin and wine glass slipper coaster set. It’s really is beautiful!

To purchase, click picture
Was $40.00, Now only $20.00!!

And the deal of the day, this gorgeous tropical mint with tag vintage Vicray tablecloth! It’s a beauty!

To purchase, click picture
Was $50.00, Now only $25.00!!

And don’t forget to visit all the wonderful blog sellers at Friday Flea Market!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January Fun at Friday Flea Market!!

January is such a cold, dark month where I live. So to add some fun to this dreary winter The Cozy Cottage will be offering at least two items at 50% off at each Friday Flea Market in January! Make sure you stop in at the The Cozy Cottage every Friday because you’ll never know what bargain awaits you!

And I want to spice it up even more. In addition to Friday Flea Market specials, I’ll select random days in January to offer additional items at 50% off. But only for the day! You won’t want to miss out, so please visit our blog and The Cozy Cottage often!

I want to thank Becky Up The Hill for her beautiful pink rose photograph. Becky not only is a wonderful gardener, she is a talented photographer! I always love when she shares her pictures! Thanks Becky!