Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sisters on the Fly at the Country Living Fair

Believe it or not the very first thing I notice was this WONDERFUL vintage PINK bike. Probably because I've been wanting an old fashioned coaster bike in pink for ages! (I guess my dusty mountain bike hanging untouched for years from the garage ceiling is a sign of old age.) This one would be so fun to ride or just display in the yard!

And then I noticed the trailer!! Oh my!! How cute is that? Cute enough to almost get me camping!

And then I peeked inside. Oh yeah...I'd camp in this beauty for sure!!!
Okay, I'll be honest, I'd park this darling in my backyard and stock it with a bottle of wine, a stack of Romantic Homes magazines, and a few cheesy romance novels. The potty and a shower would be just across the yard.
I may not be as adventurous as the Sisters on the Fly, but I sure do like their style!

Visit Sisters on the Fly website and check out their book!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Country Living Fair, Columbus Ohio, 2010

My husband and I spent this past weekend attending the Country Living Fair and antiquing in Ohio. We had a terrific time! The Country Living Fair surpassed my expatiations! And the antiquing in Ohio is just amazing. Nothing like it in my home area so it was a great new experience for me.

I’d love to share our little trip with you. Today I’ll tell you a little about the fair and in the next week or two I’ll tell you about a few different vendors that stood out for me. So please check back. (You can sign up for new posts notifications to the right.)

This is the first time my hubby and I left the kids without one of us…ever! Even though they are teenagers, it was a big deal for me. Thanks to my parents (who I am so very grateful for) the kids were just fine and mostly well behaved. My parents also took good care of my doggie, who was not so well behaved, but grandma and grandpa put up with her anyhow!

We left early Thursday and drove to Ohio, and did some antiquing. I’ll tell all about it at another time…but for now…the Country Living Fair!

Friday morning in the hotel breakfast room we met two delightful ladies from Pittsburgh who were attending for the second year. Their enthusiasm was contagious! So by the time we arrived I was full of energy and ready too go!

We purchased early bird tickets which worked out great. We got fantastic parking (hubby made 5 trips back to the car to drop off my loot!). We had to wait in line about 40 minutes which was fun. We enjoyed talking to the people around us.

The venue for the fair was a perfect match! Just beautiful! Tons of country charm!

When the gates opened and the first thing I did was renew my subscription to Country Living magazine for only $5.00. Hey, I love a bargain! They were also selling terrific tote bags. The were gorgeous! I regret not buying one, but I had several with me. (Next time for sure!)

It really was nice having early bird tickets. Since I’m an antiquer, I buy mostly one of a kind items so shopping before the huge crowd is better for me. Thanks to the ladies from Pittsburgh we knew where the majority of the antique vendors were located and headed there first. I found some great vintage tablecloths and vintage tea towels.

This is me in my element ~ Digging for linen treasures!

I went head-over-heels for these pumpkins! Can you imagine the amount of time it took to add each one of those rhinestones? I brought home a lot of Halloween and fall items from this booth!

Starting to get crowded...and HOT! But everyone is so nice and polite. No grouches here! LOL!

Another great pile of linens to dive into!

The fair had a nice variety of items and styles.

Cute Halloween display.

I loved all the different kinds of jewelry.

How cute are these?

This is just a SMALL sampling of the fair. If anyone recognizes any of the booths or artists, please let me know and I will add their name to the photo. There was just too many for me to keep track!

My vintage linen treasures found at The Country Living Fair!

Please stop back. I'll share more very soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

See What's New at The Pink Rose Cottage!

Please visit The Pink Rose Cottage!

If you need a closer look at an item, the pictures on the website click to enlarge. And you can open more then one at a time for a side by side view!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale

Our annual neighborhood garage sale was this past weekend. The neighborhood association has been sponsoring this sale the first Saturday after Labor Day since the early 1970's and it really has become a tradition. We had one lady tell us that she plans her trips home from North Carolina around this weekend so she doesn't miss the sale.

This year we had 5 different people driving golf carts to do their shopping (we are not within a golfing community.) And even had one family come on a small yard tractor pulling a trailer full of people stopping at each sale!

An Amish family rented a space across the street in our neighbors front lawn to sell homemade baked goods and jellies. The cost of rent they were charged - one cherry pie. LOL. Oh my their creamed filled doughnuts were out of this world and worth the extra work I'll need to do at the gym this week!

I didn't participate by selling my own things, but did help out my parents who are downsizing. Oh what a load of goodies they had! Here are a few pictures taken before we got too busy.

It was nice to visit with neighbors and meet a lot of people. We had a fun but exhausting few days!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Was Only Stopping For Tomatoes...

I've been craving fresh salsa and decided that I would try my hand at making some. So I found an easy recipe online and made the quick trip to my very favorite farmers market, Dudas. Kept telling myself, you only need tomatoes...but how could I resist?? They always have the most beautiful homegrown bouquets of flowers.Gorgeous sunflowers....

The best assortment of colors....

It wasn't easy, but here is the the one I chose. Love the pinks, but I think next time I'll pick one with some rust and orange in the bouquet. I'll have to look over my vintage tablecloths to find a nice almost-autumn cloth to coordinate it with!

The salsa turned out pretty good too!

Happy last weekend of the summer my friends!