Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you to Joy of Cupids Charm!

I'm so lucky to have won this stunning Marie Antoinette soldered charm bracelet!

The charms are beautiful and detailed on both sides.

Sparkling beads, crystals, and pearls!

I've been a big fan of Cupids Charm for years. It's one of my favorites sites to shop! Joy is a true artist and a very sweet lady!

Please visit Joy at Cupids Charms and at her blog Notes From A Charmed Life.

Thank you Joy!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Items!

Lots of new items have arrived at The Pink Rose Cottage with more to come! Silver serving pieces just in time for your holiday entertaining. Sweet vintage Christmas items, teacups and so much more!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Markdowns is Back!

Monday Markdowns
The Pink Rose Cottage
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Antiquing on Our Way to the Country Living Fair in Ohio

Our trip to the County Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio was a dream~come~true for me! I had my husband all to myself and a weekend full of antiquing and shopping!

We left early Thursday morning and stopped at all the little towns between home and Columbus. We stopped at a few small antique stores. They were lovely and inviting but the ones that really had my heart going were the BIG antique malls! We don't have anything like that in our area so it was a real treat for me!

First we stopped at the Medina Antique Mall. Honestly when I saw it from the outside it didn't look like much. But walking in the door I was pleasantly surprised! It was gorgeous! Tons and tons of all sorts of antiques. So many lovely vintage vanity items. A lot of high end antiques too.

I love things still in the original packaging and this old store Fairy Soap display just tickled me!

It's amazing that all the soaps are still there, unsold.

How about this Jergens Gift of Beauty? Wouldn't you just have loved to open this gift on Christmas morning?

I learned a BIG lesson this day in Medina ~ No high heals while antiquing in malls! Cuz when they say "big antique mall" they ain't kiddin'! But despite my throbbing feet we had a great time. Not too many linens in this mall, but I found enough other goodies to keep me happy.

The next day was the Country Living Fair. After we finished shopping there, we headed over to Heritage Square Antique Mall. This was close to our hotel and they were open a little later then most of the shops which was nice. This was another big antique mall, but it had a lot of homey items which I love. Lots of linens, tea sets, kitchen items. There was a lot of WWII memorabilia. My husband really enjoyed that. (They also had two display cases of KKK items. Just down right creepy and in my opinion, shouldn't be sold. That's something for a museum.)

All and all, I just LOVED this mall! The prices were reasonable and the displays very sweet!

This was all one booth. The vendor did a wonderful job displaying her kitchen items by color.

You know the pink was my favorite!

The blue and the turquoise was so charming as well.

She even managed to make that old 1960's avocado green look wonderful!

The black, red, and white was very striking.

A nice display of Post 86 Fiestaware. My husband was in Fiesta Heaven!

A few beautiful shabby chic booths too.

I managed to leave this mall with three big boxes of goodies!

The next day we were planning on taking a quick trip to The Heart of Ohio Antique Center. There were two seminars at the Country Living Fair I wanted to attend and they were in the afternoon. So I figured I had enough time to breeze though this mall. Well....they don't call it "America's Biggest and Best" for nothing! This place was HUGE! 116,000 square feet! I didn't even try to take pictures here. Not too many linens to be had. I did get a 1965 Worlds Fair tablecloth still in the bag.

And this bridal bouquet vintage tablecloth. It's it gorgeous?

I did some Christmas shopping here too. It was really something to see. A beautiful lounge for those who don't like to antique for long...a huge area with reference books and display supplies, and a little snack bar with home made pie.

The one thing I remember the most about HoO is the Fenton. I've never seen so much Fenton in one place before! Not even when we visited the Fenton Factory Store! If you are a Fenton collector, this place is for you.

It took us about 4 hours to go through the entire mall. And we went at a quick pace! I was exhausted after this and we didn't make it back in time for the Country Living seminars.

I highly recommend all three of these malls. Maybe I'm easily impressed as we only have little shops in our area. But to see so much and such a variety in one place is amazing! The down side is most items are in cases and you have to wait for an attendant to open it to let you look. But we were able to see things we've never seen in person before.

Well that's it for a our little trip! We had a fabulous time and I look forward do doing it again!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Six Things that I Wish Society Knew about Diabetes by Kerri Sparling

Those of you who have followed my blog know I occasionally (maybe too much) like to use my blog to educate people about Type 1 Diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed with this disease on January 22, 2007 when she was 12 years old. It's a day none in our family will ever forget.

With November being Diabetes Month, a lot of the internet world is coming together to spread the word. My very favorite Type 1 Diabetes blog is Six Until Me by Kerri Sparling.

I've never met Kerri, but she's helped me look past the disease and see that a person can have a wonderful, exciting, and happy life despite all that is involved managing this beast. Kerri makes me laugh, cry, and hope. She has a beautiful new baby girl, handsome husband, and some super cute kitties. Kerri has THE BEST sense of humor that is a wonderful addition to her talent as a writer. I found Kerri's blog soon after Corrinne's diagnosis. Over these past few years Kerri put into the words things I've thought or felt but could not articulate. So I'm copying one of her recent posts that reflects my thoughts on what I wish society knew about Type 1 diabetes.

(I apologize to Kerri. I wanted to make a direct link to this exact post but was unable to do so.)

Thank you Kerri!

D-Blog Day: Six Things on SixUntilMe.

D-Blog Day 2010: SUM EditionIt's Diabetes Month. And it's D-Blog Day (thanks, Gina!). This year, the online collective is talking about the six things they wish people knew about diabetes. I know we, as part of this community, know an awful lot, but I wanted to write this for the people who might just stumble onto this post arbitrarily. Because we talk a lot to one another within our community, but we need to bring awareness outside of this bubble.

Here are my six things that I wish society knew about diabetes:

There is more than one kind of diabetes
. This isn't a knock on my type 2 and gestational diabetes friends, but definitely a knock on society's perceptions at large. People have one musty, old perception of what diabetes looks like, and it's always someone older, heavier, and lazy. Wouldn't they be surprised to meet our fit type 2 friends, or the 20 year old gestational diabetic? Or a "juvenile diabetic" who isn't eight years old? Diabetes doesn't have "a look." This disease does not discriminate.

Diabetes affects more than just the person playing host to it
. I am the one wearing and insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor, and actually feeling these blood sugar highs and lows. But I'm not the only one affected by diabetes. My parents had to care for me when I was young, acting as my pancreas. My friends have been affected by my lows and highs while we're hanging out, sometimes forced to jump the bar and accost the bartender for orange juice. (True story.) And my husband has taken on this disease as his own as best he can, making it such an integrated part of our life together that I don't feel alone. Diabetes isn't just mine. It belongs to everyone who cares about me.

Diabetes isn't just a physiological disease.
It's an emotional one, too. It's not just a question of blood sugar levels and insulin supplementation. It's about managing the emotions that come as part of life with a chronic illness. It's about the guilt of complications. The pressure to control an uncontrollable disease. The hope that tomorrow will come without incident. I feel that the emotional aspects of diabetes need to be attended to with the same care and diligence as an A1C level. Maybe more so, because life needs to be happy, whether it's a short life or a very long one.

Diabetes isn't easy. We just make it look that way sometimes. Some of the perceptions that the general public has is that diabetes is easy to handle. "You just wear the pump, test your blood sugar, and watch your diet and you'll be fine, right?" Wrong. You can do the exact same thing every day and still see varying diabetes outcomes. It's never all figured out. Diabetes is a daily dance of numbers and emotions and even though we, as a community, make it look easy sometimes, it sure isn't.

No diabetes is the same. Even within a community of diabetics, there are still widely varying ways of treating diabetes and even more ways of dealing with the emotional aspects. There's no winning combination and no "right" way to deal with this disease. Being on a pump means you use a pump to infuse your insulin - this doesn't necessarily mean you are taking better care of yourself than the person who opts for injections. Low-carb doesn't work for everyone, and neither do certain medications. Your diabetes may vary (thanks, Bennet), and what works for you may not work for everyone. It's important to remember that this disease doesn't have a predictable path, so there are plenty of "right' ways to handle it.

Just because we don't look sick doesn't mean we don't deserve a cure. That statement sums it up for me. We might make it look easy, but it isn't. There's no rhyme or reason to this disease, and even with the best care and the best intentions, complications can sometimes still come calling. And their effects are devastating. Diabetes, of all kinds, deserves a cure. No one asked for any of this. We deserve better than society thinking that diabetes isn't worth their attention. We deserve a cure.

Happy D-Blog Day to my fellow PWDs and caregivers. You guys make this whole mess so much easier to deal with. Thanks for being there!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You to Alexa of The Swallow's Tale!

I'm very excited to have won this gorgeous necklace from Alexa at The Swallow's Tale. It's called "The Power of a Little Bee."

Isn't it the sweetest! I just love it and have the perfect sweater to wear it with! Thank you Alexa!

Please visit Alexa at The Swallow's Tale. I know you will enjoy her GORGEOUS hand made jewelry! You will want to do some Christmas shopping. And while you are there, sign up for her newsletter. That's how I won!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More on the Country Living Fair 2010

It's November...I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't so cold outside! It's been since the beginning of October that I started blogging about my trip to the Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio. The trip was so fun, it's still worth talking about!

If you remember I mentioned meeting two nice ladies at the hotel. It was really fortunate for us because they gave us directions to the area where a lot of the antique booths were concentrated. So we were able to go there first. I think I completely cleaned out one booth from all their vintage linens!

I loved this tower of vintage luggage. What a cute display and wonderful storage!

Terrific architectural pieces perfect to use inside and out.

I just adore old vintage silver!

Tons of great kitchen items.

These large green jars are just fabulous!

This quaint and homey booth reminded me of grandma's farmhouse.

Here are a few things most people don't blog about when talking about a fair. But it part of the experience!

They had a few vendor booths. We got some yummy Smuckers sugar-free jelly, hand lotion, eye drops, and my favorite ~ Gorilla Glue! I was also excited about the Country Living cosmetic bag. I had to fill out a short questionnaire to receive it, but it was not a big deal and I always need a makeup bag!

I think the best was the doggie dish. Not because dear Sunny needs a new dish, but because Iams donated a $1.00 to an animal shelter for each coupon turned in at their booth. We got the coupons in our entrance packets. And EVERYONE was turning them in. Lots of animal lovers at the Country Living Fair!

Would I go again? ABSOLUTELY! I was able to shop the fair in one day. But missed a few seminars because we got caught up shopping at the antique malls (I'll post about them soon). So next time, I'm planning on staying another day. Between the Fair and the local antiques, I was in Vintage Heaven!