Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Was Only Stopping For Tomatoes...

I've been craving fresh salsa and decided that I would try my hand at making some. So I found an easy recipe online and made the quick trip to my very favorite farmers market, Dudas. Kept telling myself, you only need tomatoes...but how could I resist?? They always have the most beautiful homegrown bouquets of flowers.Gorgeous sunflowers....

The best assortment of colors....

It wasn't easy, but here is the the one I chose. Love the pinks, but I think next time I'll pick one with some rust and orange in the bouquet. I'll have to look over my vintage tablecloths to find a nice almost-autumn cloth to coordinate it with!

The salsa turned out pretty good too!

Happy last weekend of the summer my friends!


  1. I just LOVE homemade salsa! Love all those flowers, markets are just the best!

    Thanks for your visit--hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend with your family!


  2. Your salsa looks delicious! I also enjoy going to our local farmer's market.

  3. That salsa looks great! I love the phots of the flowers too. Very pretty!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and for being happy for me and my test results.....I love your site and enjoy all your posts...

  5. ohhh LOVE all the florals, they look amazing!!! Salsa looks deeeelish!!!