Saturday, January 17, 2009

Button Treasure Hunting

It’s still miserably cold here. But the nice part of this horrible weather is having the entire family home together. We’re doing a lot of fun things that we normally would have found boring. So when my oldest daughter asked to put the Valentine decorations out, I was thrilled to have a little project with her!

My plan was to do a lot in vintage. Now Amanda really doesn’t like vintage, but she went with it. I pulled out what I wanted to use and she put it together. Which brings me to my buttons….

I wanted buttons in the square silver bonbon tray I recently picked up at the thrift store. Now I have 5 peanut butter jars and 2 large tins full of buttons. When we pulled out the first jar of white buttons, I got blissfully distracted. So many neat buttons! While I’m not close to being done, here are a few of the interesting ones I’ve found.

First is the tray Amanda put together for me.

Here are some neat brass buttons. I think the ones on the right maybe be off of a military uniform.

These dark ones are neat and have unusual shapes. I have to test them because a few maybe Bakelite.

These are neat flat pearly buttons with a silver center. The green ones are very tiny and have gold accents. I’m not sure about the red ones. The just had a different feel to them, so I put them to the side.

I may have more of these, but I thought it was sweet with the ring of pearls.

I’m not sure what this is, but there are a few different ones in the pile. This one is a pearly dark blue. If you know what it is, please let me know! It’s pretty small about the size of a dime.

These are all silver metal (with the exception of the blue heart). The bowling ones are cool. As are the ones with a blue wash over the silver. The little one next to the heart is a jingle bell.

Here are some figural ones. Pretty neat. I wish there were more!

These all look like crystal. The three matching ones on the top are glass, the rest are plastic.

I still have all these to sort. I’m sorting by colors. And I haven't even opened the tins yet. These are only from the jars! It’s like a little treasure hunt!

And now I'm hooked, so I'll probably spend tomorrow sorting buttons too! Amanda did a fantastic job decorating and I'll post pictures her displays soon. They are beautiful!

And I like to apologize to my new blog friends who posted kind words to my child's vintage Valentine apron. I accidentally deleted that post. I’m sorry and hope you will post again!


  1. Such fun, to go through tins and jars of buttons. I pick some up when I am at yard sales, or at thrift stores. I am anxious to see Amanda's Valentine decorations. I am going for a vintage theme this year myself. Hope you are having a wonderful week-end. Hugs

  2. AWESOME! I love her decorating and can't wait to see more. I love all your buttons..those figural are way cool and love that blue heart.

  3. Sorting buttons is one of my favorite things to do. Have fun.

  4. Don't you just love those vintage buttons??! I really love to sit and sort them while I'm vegging out at night and "sort of" watching tv * so soothing!

    Nice job, Amanda!!

  5. Go Amanda! You know what is funny..okay, just this past month I have been looking at my buttons and even bought a few off of ebay! I also got a button book at the library. I have a fraction of what you have, but mine are sorted by color too. I love'em. Tell Amanda hello from me!