Monday, December 22, 2008

Collectible Christmas Compacts & Solid Perfumes

I love compacts in themes and Christmas is no exception. But I haven’t seen very many. I know Coty made a jingle bell compact. It’s wonderful and I don’t have it in my collection – yet! Many companies advertised compacts for Christmas gift giving, but I don’t know of very many specifically made in a Christmas theme.

Here is a pretty colorful poinsettia vintage compact from my collection. It’s an Elgin American with 14kt gold plate. The poinsettia are etched and colored in pink, blue, and gold. Has a gorgeous swirl with an area for a monogram.

While I’m not 100% sure this compact was made as a Christmas compact, I include it as so in my collection. It reminds me of a Shiny Brite ornament. Gorgeous burgundy color, round ball, by Henrietta. It’s a favorite of mine regardless of its actual theme!

And here is a contemporary powder compact from Estee Lauder that I just think is so sweet! My kids gave it to me for Christmas last year. It’s a letter to Santa Claus with Estee Lauder in the post mark.

I also have a few Christmas themed Estee Lauder solid perfumes.

Here is the rocking horse and the gingerbread house.

These are so very cute and were also Christmas and birthday presents from my kids last year. A snowman snow globe and a darling jingle bell that really rings!

Here are a few winter themed solid perfumes. I love their sparkling rhinestones! There is a darling polar bear and a mommy penguin with her baby.

And my very favorite, a rhinestone snowman! LOVE THIS GUY!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas vanity collection! Merry Christmas!


  1. So pretty. I don't think I have ever seen these before. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great Christmas!


  2. YOu have such a wonderful collection. I love that postmarked cool. THat rhinestone snowman is darling...

  3. love love LOVE those compacts and solid perfumes, Holly ~ I know nothing about them and love seeing them. . . . . hmmmm, another collection in my future???!!!!! No No, focus, focus!!!

    Merry CHristmas Holly! Wishing you & yours a wonderful holiday! xo P

  4. I always learn alot from you. I knew nothing of about vtg compacts. I think I have an old one that belonged to my Mom, but it's nothing special. Well, its special to me as it belonged to my Mom. Have to check some day. Please keep posting vtg compact stories, I love'em!