Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday and Fab Finds

My husband and I had a wonderful time on Black Friday. We got up early and stood in line at Target. We were fortunate to get everything on our list. We did well at the other department stores too. We had lunch at Red Robin and it was wonderful! It was our first time there and it won’t be our last. Best burgers ever!

After replenishing our energy, we went to the antique store. Normally I have to run quickly through because we are usually on our way somewhere, but Friday I had all the time I wanted! I got some fun things to add to my collections! Here are a few of my favorite finds:

My shabby chic friends, you’ll enjoy this one! A vintage hand mirror with gorgeous pink millinery roses. The handle and the frame are covered in gold satin. It has a loop for hanging. It will go on the wall next to my vanity.

I haven’t found many whimsical handkerchiefs lately, so I was thrilled to find these fun hankies. Most I’m keeping, but a few I decided to let go and are now on ebay at the*cozy*cottage

My absolute favorite is this Halloween hanky. In all my years of collecting, I’ve never seen another for this holiday. I’m changing my name to Deb!

OH! And the piece that made my heart go pitter patter! A Victory Vanity powder box in the shape of a military hat. Oh, I was so excited! It has it’s original box too!

Here it is with a little one I already had. My guess is the little one is for face powder. It is suppose to have a mirrored lid. The larger one is probably for body powder. Oh, how I love Victory vanity items!


  1. I love the powder boxes! What a great find and in the origional box too. Your so lucky your husband will go with you.

  2. Dear Deb..I love your hanky! No really I'm in love with that box that the compact came in. Except for yours, I've never seen these compacts. Do you suppose I will start seeing them now? Thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. Oh My Gosh! You really did get a great haul! I love that Halloween hanky...how special. And that compact is just wonderful....Glad you had time to relax and shop..