Friday, April 7, 2017


I'm always happy when spring come to northwestern Pennsylvania! We wait so long! 
I found a few nice little surprises while tidying up the lawn.
These crocus are sweetly nestled at the base of my favorite tree. Unfortunately facing away from the house, so I didn't know they were there!

 With all the pretties popping up outside I had to pretty up my kitchen! I changed out my fall and winter vintage tablecloths in my cabinet to my spring linens. What fun!

I also changed out my tea towel frame. I know I always say each Wilendur is my favorite, but I think this one really is!  But then again, spring is my favorite season!

 I put out the tablecloth that matches my towel. It comes in a few colorways. But the blue hyacinths are so pretty! The colors really show off the "new" vaseline glass candle holders my husband found at an estate sale last weekend. 

Hope everyone enjoys a beautiful spring! 

Not only do I collect vintage tablecloths, I sell them on my online shop, The Pink Rose Cottage. Looking to start a collection or to add to one? I invite you to take a peek! 
Please feel free to leave a comment! I love talking tablecloths!


  1. Spring is my favorite season among all. There are new flowers grows in the garden, The sweet fragrance of these flowers spread everywhere. Your tea towel frame in the images are looking quite decent.

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