Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vintage Tablecloths

As many of you know, I've collected vintage linens, most especially, vintage tablecloths for years. I've amassed a huge collection of these beauties.  Unfortunately, I don't use and enjoy them as much as I should. So while I don't like to make New Years resolutions I know I can never keep, I've decided to do my best to use a different tablecloth every week or two. And what better when to keep me motivated then to share them with you?!

Here's my first one of the year. A Broderie. My favorite vintage tablecloth manufacturer second only to Wilendur (my true love). 

 How cute is this little couple?

 Love these charming details. They are like hidden treasures.

 And of course this cloth goes great with Fiestaware Lapis. 

I can't forget to mention the maid and the butler! 

I hope you enjoyed the first one! It was fun to look at everyday on my kitchen table. Now off  to pick out next weeks cloth! 


Not only do I collect vintage tablecloths, I sell them on my online shop, The Pink Rose Cottage. Looking to start a collection or to add to one? I invite you to take a peek! 

Please feel free to leave a comment! I love talking tablecloths!


  1. I love that Broderie! Just the cutest folks. Looking forward to visiting each week, so you better keep posting your fab tablecloths. :)

  2. Be my tablecloth buddy Pam! It's better then an exercise buddy, because who wants to do that?? LOL

  3. I just love vintage linens, especially the colorful tablecloths. How fun to have enough to change out every week.

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! I love the bright colors too. Especially this time of the year!

  4. Oh I absolutely love this tablecloth. You're right on about the hidden treasures. Something new pops out eveytime I'm looking. Such a treasure and you've given me a great idea. Off to pick out a cloth for my table! (After I clean it off again!)

    1. I'd love to see what you choose for your table!

      That's the problem isn't it? The table is always piled with stuff. It's the heartbeat of the home it seems.

      Thank you!

  5. What a nice idea to share your tablecloth collection with us! Do you happen to know the year that this cloth would have been used? It would be interesting to know. This cloth looks like it was before my time! Enjoyable post! Blessings, Janet

  6. Hello Jan! This Broderie tablecloth is from the 1940's. A favorite for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh, it is certainly darling! I love the sweet images. I have a small collection of about 5. Can't wait to see some of your others. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I'm not seeing a link back to the party.