Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tulips & Hearts Vintage Tablecloth

I finally had enough light to take some pictures to share my vintage tablecloth collection with you. As much as I don't like snow, I have to say it brightens a room!

I've always loved this pretty vintage tablecloth and was only able to acquire it recently. It sure is cheerful on a cold winter day when I can only dream of spring!

Pretty blue tulip garlands make heart shapes! Isn't it sweet?


I'm not sure of the maker of this cloth, but if I find out I'll edit this post. 


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Please feel free to leave a comment! I love talking tablecloths!


  1. Such a pretty tablecloth with a lovely dainty design. Love how the tulips form hearts.

  2. Hollwy, I absolutely love this tablecloth! So stunning and unusual