Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Victorian Napkin Rings

I did it again! I've added to my accidental collection! While I don't actively look for them, if I see them I grab 'em! So I guess it's no longer an accidental collection!

Here is a pair of pretties. They may not be Victorian era as it's my understanding that there was seldom a pair as each person had their own distinguishable napkin ring. This way they could reuse their own napkin at each meal. It wasn't easy to do laundry so it wasn't done daily.

Ina's napkin ring is now part of my collection. She must have been a nature lover. See the birds nest and mother bird? So sweet! And the little acorns...such detail!

This one reminds me of a cottage garden with the daisies and roses. I love the ruffled edges.

The basket weave is interesting on this napkin ring. The front plate is unmonogrammed.

Check out the bug!

And the cute little vining flowers.

Love the different personalities! Makes me wonder about the people who used them in the past!

I've realized I have yet another accidental collection and will be sharing that one soon!

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  1. Holly, have never seen such an amazing collection of napkin rings. Beautiful. I have having a hard time picking my favorite!

  2. These are just elegant, and so much detail. I have never seen these before, but will keep en eye out for them, they are just lovely.
    Hugs, Kathleen

  3. they are so pretty, I have never seen those before, they look like tea light holders.

  4. I dearly love these! Wonderful collection....

  5. Holly, so love your rings. The top one is victorian ... the others I can't say for sure ... but they are just lovely.

    The victorian era was quite an elegant era ...

    Have a lovely weekend holiday.
    TTFN Hugs, Marydon

  6. oh i love them all!!! I can't pick which one is my favorite..I can't wait to see your other accidental collection!

  7. They are amazing, what an awesome collection.

  8. WOW!! they are stunning!!! I can imagine them loooking delightful on a table setting too!!