Monday, May 3, 2010

Loving Lilacs!

When my kids were little, every year for Mother's Day we'd take a trip to the Lilac Farm for my gift of a lilac bush. I now have a row of lilacs long the side of our property with a nice variety of colors. I'm so excited as this is the first year that the bushes have really produced a lot of blossoms. And they are just gorgeous!I love the colors of these. The pink is called Miss Millie and the bluish is called President Grevy.

This is a little bouquet from a bush that was here when we bought our house. I love the deep color and oh...the fragrance! Love it!

And I notice that my lily of the valley is starting to bloom!! Oh happy day!


  1. Thanks for the visit! Your lilacs are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Holly. What a pretty post. I love the fragrance of Lilacs. I cant imagine being able to grow them. I live in the desert. So I really enjoy seeing these beautiful spring flower posts!
    Have a pretty day, (()) gail

  3. I love lilacs and these are beautiful. What a nice gift.

  4. they are gorgeous! I can smell them from here

  5. Oh Holly how I love lilacs. Ours, here in Maine, won't bloom till the middle to the end of May. Their fragrance is so sweet, and the colors so lovely.

    Hugs, Kathleen

  6. I love lilacs. I have a huge bush in my front yard and when it's in bloom I keep the windows open so that their fragrance fills the cottage

    Susan and Bentley