Friday, October 30, 2009


Hope everyone has a fun Halloween! Let's share some ghost stories!

My oldest daughter and I were at a local florist. It's a darling and quaint shop in an old building. It is known around the area that they have a ghost. We were waiting for our arrangement and all of the sudden a door of a cabinet we were standing next to just opened. It was closed tightly. I know because I was admiring it because it was a beautiful antique. So I said to the owner, that must be your resident ghost. She said no that he always makes himself known to her when he is around. Don't know what it was, or how it opened, but it was kinda neat and not too scary!


This fun vintage looking Halloween house is a recent find a Marshalls. A great bargain too as it was marked down to $6.00! Has a tag on it "Vintage Collections by Bethany." I think it might be a Bethany Lowe. If so, an even better bargain! So if you get a chance to check out your local Marshalls, you might be able to pick up a few treats!


  1. i love that house...what a deal! have a wonderfully haunting halloween

  2. Oh Holly, you lucky girl! That Halloween House is just too wonderful, I love it. Wishing you a very Happy and haunting Halloween! Hugs, Kathleen

  3. Spooky! But it must be a friendly ghost. LOL.

    The house display does look like Bethany Lowe to me. Love it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my new webstore makeover. Hope you have a great evening, Holly.