Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Update.....

The weathers turning a bit chilly and the kids are back in school. It may not officially be fall, but autumn is definitely on its way!

My daughter is now attending high school with 504 accommodations that allow her to self-manage her diabetes in school. I am extremely grateful to my friends at CWD, our legal advocate at the ADA, our Physicians Assistant, and all the prayers and support from my friends here at home and at the TLC. And to the school administration who in the end proved to be clear thinking and supportive of my daughter. Thank you!

While I can breathe a sigh of relief, I still will be actively support the Pennsylvania Safe at School bills in both the House and the Senate. And if you are in Pennsylvania, I urge you to call your senator and representative. This bill needs to become law!

I’m taking a couple of weeks away from listing on Ebay and on my website. A few things around the house have taken a back seat lately and I want to spend sometime with the family before basketball season begins…again! I’ll still pop in everyday and ship items from my website. Check back soon and there will be lots of wonderful vintage items! And Christmas is just around the corner…I have tons of ornaments and decorations to share.

Happy Fall my friends!!


  1. Glad things are going so much better. Love your table setting!

  2. Yes, that is a huge relief. Enjoy these next few weeks my friend! Oh and 'tons' of ornaments?