Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The last colors of summer……..

Summer passed way too quickly, but fortunately left behind some gorgeous blooms in my garden to be remembered by.

And with the arrival of fall comes an invasion of the creepy crawly kind! Spiders! I’m over run with them! Hundreds! All around my house and gardens! Almost makes me wish for snow!


  1. Gorgeous garden pics! THey are all so pretty....Yep....its that time of the year again....spiders, lady beetles and boxelder bugs here...I love the fall crisp air in the mornings and the leaves are starting to turn. So pretty!

  2. Your flowers look so beautiful..did your sweet peas smell good? I like garden spiders..for some reason don't have them up the hill..did growing up tho. I'll take a garden spider to a squirrel any day, want to trade? lol