Saturday, August 6, 2016

Do you croft?

Crofting is one of the easiest and best ways to get your beloved vintage linens clean! 

The quickest thing to do, is a soak in a little Palmolive dish soap, just a drop, and a small amount of OxyClean. Dissolve in hot water and then add cold to make a lukewarm soak. 

Soak for a few hours checking for colorfastness of your items.

Rinse and then lay face down or pattern down on the grass in the sun. Keep it wet! Use your sprinkler or bring a bucket and dunk the linens to re-wet them. 

By afternoon all those pesky yellow spots and age yellowing should be gone. Sometimes it takes two days of crofting, but more often then not just a day will do. 

A quick hand wash and on the clothes line they go! 

I do have other tricks of the trade I'll share at another time, but that's the quickest, safest, and most mild approach to cleaning vintage linens. 

Love vintage tablecloths? Visit The Pink Rose Cottage for gorgeous, lovingly cared for vintage linens. I never  prepare my linens with bleach or starch so you have many years of loving your linens! 

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