Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Find Finds a New Purpose

Love this old flower frog! Isn't it a beauty with it's style and color? A piece of art! I thought it would make a cool pen and pencil holder for my desk. But then I found a better purpose....

It is the perfect holder for my See's lollipops! Now that's repurposing!


  1. How cool, Holly! Love this idea. I've never heard of See's lollipops...have to check those out.

    1. Oh Melissa! You have to try these lollipops. Chocolate, butterscotch, and mint chocolate. They are awesome!

  2. Love it! Those lollipops sound delicious !

  3. Love the frog flower holder, what a great idea for the see's lollipops! I love See's candy! used to work across the street from a see's store in Corona del Mar, dangerous! Can't get it here in NC :(

  4. Love your repurpose! So they're really good lollipops? Wonder if I can find them.