Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meet Gracie!!

Gracie is the newest member of our family. She joined us just this morning. Gracie is somewhere between 6 to 9 months old. Probably a beagle/lab mix. But she's a small girl. I fell in love with her face on the ANNA Shelter website.
Her sweet face matches her disposition. This doggy was ready for a home. I think she is head-over-heels in love with Ryan and Corrinne.

On the way home she whimpered and cried. I'm not sure if she was afraid of the car. She was a stray and may have been tossed out of a moving car. There is know way of knowing what made her nervous. But she came into the house like she's lived here all her life. She likes to play, cuddle, and loves belly rubs!

So much excitement for one day, she just curled up in Sunny's old bed and fell right to sleep and had an nice long nap. (Sunny hated this bed, poor girl! LOL)

Right now she's up again and out playing between raindrops. She's a sweet, loving, little pup who is going to fit into our family wonderfully. She's not a replacement for Sunny, but she's filling an emptiness in my broken heart. She makes me smile!

More on Gracie as she settles in....


  1. What a sweetie!
    Bless you for rescuing her!

  2. She looks a bit lot more Lab than Beagle to me.
    We had a "beagle mix" too for 11 years...they are WONDERFUL dogs with kids.
    You are ALL very fortunate.


  3. Oh Holly, Gracie is beautiful & a sweetic~what a perfect match for your loving family! I'm thrilled for you! looking forward to hearing more about her as time goes on.

  4. She's so pretty! Her coat is so shiny. So happy for all of you !

  5. What a sweet looking puppy! I send kisses and hugs to all!