Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cottage Sweet Peas

I love sweet peas! These are from my little plant. I put them in 2 antique amethyst bottles and one old French perfume bottle on my windowsill in the kitchen.

I really don't have much luck starting them from seed. So I purchased this plant at the local nursery. As you can see the colors are beautiful but it has absolutely no scent! What is a sweet pea without a beautiful sweet smell? Honestly, I think these are wild sweet peas from the side of the road, but they are still so pretty.

I did have two short lived blossoms from the seeds I started this past winter. It's just too darn hot for young plants to thrive no matter how much they are babied. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

And if the outdoor pictures look a little fuzzy to you, it's becasue my camera lens fogged up when I went out in the heat! I guess a lot of things need babied during this heatwave!

Here's a pretty vintage tablecloth and napkin set loaded with beautiful sweet peas. It's available at The Pink Rose Cottage.


  1. I love them in the old pretty!!! I see you are still having the heat wave....we cooled down nice for today anyway....

  2. The tablecloth is so pretty! And sweetpeas are gorgeous. I should try to grow some next summer... not sure how they would do here.

  3. Thanks for coming by! Great to hear from you! I'm a new follower. I love your sweet peas and hollyhocks! They are two of my all time favorites, and I can't seem to grow either one!

  4. I love sweet peas - they are the flower of my birthday month too!

  5. Your Bog is sooooooooo pretty. Puts mine to shame. Love the colors.

  6. Beautiful...too bad that they don't have a heavenly scent, but you can pretend. I adore antique & vintage bottles too.