Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tea

Share the warmth of a cozy cup of tea this Christmas! Beautiful teacups make a wonderful teachers gift or a little something extra between best friends.

Add a silver teaspoon, gourmet teabags, decorated sugar cubes, or linen tea napkins to enhance your gift.

For all your warm gift giving needs visit The Pink Rose Cottage.

We have a large selection of beautiful teacups in stunning designs and colors. Sure to please! You can find them in our Tea Time category.

Elegant silver plated teaspoons are now available for purchase individually to accommodate your gift-giving needs. Please visit our Shabby and Shiny Silver category.


  1. You always have the best gift giving ideas.....You are the go to gal for gifts. I adore the bracelet you won. Makes me want to get one too. Lucky you! Big Hugs

  2. Such beautiful things. Your pictures are beautiful, too!