Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasures at the Top of the Stairs

This is what you see when you walk up my stairs. A gorgeous antique shadow box, a couple of antique pie crust mirrors, a rose watercolor, and yes ~ A toolbox on a chest of drawers.

I showed the shadow box a long time ago on my blog. I had intended to redo it. But I lived with it's charm and I really love it. The only touch I added was the mother and child cameo that my husband had given me soon after my second daughter was born. It really seems to fit right in and gives it a personal touch for me.

The toolbox was my grandfathers. He was a toolmaker and used this all his working life. It was in my parents basement for years still with my grandfathers tools in it. My dad cleaned and polished it and presented it to me for my birthday one year. I use it to store and display some of my vintage powder compact collection.

Some travel souvenir powder compacts.

An assortment of mostly Stratton of England compacts.

A sweet favorite.

Another favorite. I was thrilled to find this strawberry embroidered vintage hanky. I knew right away it was perfect to display with this compact.

This compact caught my eye because of the swan down puff. It's so soft!

My grandpa's toolbox has become my treasure box at the top of the stairs.


  1. what a lovely vintage vignette:) I could stay and study those treasures for quite a while!

  2. yes leave it.....its so pretty the way it is..
    oh how special that now you have all your compacts them!

  3. Oh Holly how beautiful! I am in love with the shadow box. What a great way to showcase your memories. And the same for the tool chest and compacts. I love how you have preserved so much of your family's past. It gives me a lot of new ideas. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Kathleen

  4. Ohhh, what lovely things to see at the top of your stairs. I use my grandfather's toolbox as my coffee table so I know how special these items can be.

  5. I just love this, Holly! What a wonderful compact collection and unique way to display it.

  6. Love how you've displayed your compacts in the old toolbox, i'm a collector too and searching around looking for ideas for somewhere to display mine properly, they currently are just taking over all the bookcases!