Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My New Toy

I LOVE to do laundry. I'm very fussy about it, so anything that helps to make the process more efficient I'm all for!

For years I've used stackable sweater dryers from Lillian Vernon. They worked pretty well but really aren't all that sturdy and would fall apart easily. But the price was very reasonable as I purchased my five at a garage sale.

But a few years ago, I remember seeing the Hamilton Beach Drying Station. Wow, did I want one of those! But I remember them being very pricey!

Fast forward to after Christmas this year. While doing my after Christmas shopping for reduced Yankee Candles at Bed Bath and Beyond, I spot the dryer! On special for $17! Be still my heart! Wait, I have a coupon!! WoooHoooo....ends up costing me just over $12!

I tried it out the other day.

The platforms are smaller then the Lillian Vernon version but much more sturdy. The fit easily in the rack. Do they dry 75% faster as touted in their ad? Not really. I had these sweater drying for about 7 hours and they were still damp when I shut the blower off. (Which by the way is surprisingly quiet.) But by morning they were all perfectly dry. Drying time is much faster on my old Lillian Vernon ones if I put them in front of the blower on my fireplace. But for in warmer months, I think I'm really going to like the Hamilton Beach. Should work extremely well for doilies and table runners. All and all, I'm pretty happy with it!


  1. I guess that I am an old fashioned gal...I do not own a clothesline so all my non~dryer items...get draped over my kitchen chairs~lol

  2. Hi there,
    I'm a new follower and invite you to visit my blog. I had never heard of these sweater dryers. I'm behind the
    I too, love to do laundry. I've done laundry on a wringer washer/clothesline....gone to the laundrymat many times in the past and now luxuriate in my washer/dryer....have been blessed enough to have this "modern" convenience for 36 years. I thank God for my washer and dryer. After doing laundry the other ways, I KNOW that I am truly blessed.
    I will enjoy visiting your blog in the future...
    We share common things and I came to your blog after seeing the name of it on another blog today.
    Andrea at My Feathered Nest

  3. G'day, hadn't seen these before. I lay everything on my kitchen table & the ceiling fan dries them as quick as a snap.

    Happy Valentine's ~
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. That's pretty snazzy, I like that. Don't you love it when you get a toy you really love?

  5. I just love this! I had the old Lillian Vernon ones at one time too!