Sunday, June 14, 2009

A few pictures of my garden and more….

I don’t have an award winning garden like my parents, but I’m pretty happy how it’s turning out so far this year.

The pink roses are ready to pop!

I love my yellow roses but so do the bugs! It’s early enough that I’m not fighting the critters for them.

I wish I knew what this rose was called. It’s so unusual. A pretty red, but the underside of the petals is a silvery white.

And this is how I found a rose one afternoon. Some little bird broke out of his egg. I just don’t know how the shell got there!

These peonies were from my great-uncle’s garden. He passed away last year. So I will think of him every time I enjoy these flowers. I love how they are soft pink with a creamy white center. And oh, how I wish you could smell them!

Pretty soft pink fuchsia.

My garden shed.

And while I’m so enjoying wearing sandals on my nicely polished tootsies (Thank you my kidlets for my wonderful spa pedicure for Mothers Day!), I’m looking forward to wearing these gorgeous pink cottage rose socks! They are from Victorian Trading Company. They also come in blue. So I’ll have to get those next time. Aren’t they the sweetest??

I haven’t found any fabulous vintage tablecloths at sales lately. But this weekends find sure made up for it. I got this framed vintage print of embossed pink roses by Catherine Klein! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it just sitting there on a picnic table! It was late morning and things like this are usually long gone. But there she was just waiting for me! And – get this – I paid $3.00 for her! Yep, only $3.00. That never happens! Beautiful understated gold frame, wooden slat backing, great colors…all for only $3.00!! Oh this so makes up for any missed tablecloths! Now I just have to find the perfect place!


  1. Oh my heavens, Holly, we would have had a cat fight over that rose print were I at that sale! LOL! What a find! And your roses are drop-dead gorgeous!

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  3. your roses are just gorgeous~ I love the little bird precious. And those Peonies........oh my....I can smell them from here.
    What a great find on that gorgeous picture!

  4. Pink roses are still my favorites - the one in my garden is called "First Prize". Your pics are great! I take pictures of mine every year, but always go back to the same one for my id and other uses.

  5. OHhhhhh! HOlly ~ love love love your roses, but ULTRA-LOVE your Garden Shed, Socks & PRINT * WOOHOO for you ~ Great Score, My Friend!!!!

  6. Hi Holly....I love peonies..the smell is just out of this world! All your flowers are just gorgeous. And I love your is just beautiful...lucky you. Love those socks too. Of course, I love everything in that catalog. I drool over it every time it arrives. Hugs, Kathleen

  7. Your garden blooms are so lovely. Your garden shed is so cute. I think I have the ugliest garden shed ever. I don't even think there is any hope of making it cute. Those socks are so darn sweet!

  8. HI
    I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)

    Love the socks :)

  9. Lovely garden Holly! You have been quite busy. Me too in my back yard as I was trying to get it ready for my daughters bridal shower but the SNAILS just wouldn't go away! Luckily it was 103 outside and I had to move party indoors so no one saw my bloomless plants. lol I am going to have to do some major replanting.

  10. Hey!
    It's so nice to meet you! Your blog is beautiful and so fun too! What a deal you got on the Catherine Klein Art.... I know you were so thrilled. Don't you just love it when things like that happen? I've stumbled upon some great finds later in the morning like that too, It completely surprises me when there's anything left late morning...Like you said it's usually long gone by then, but on rare occasion it does happen! LOL! I have this exact Katherine Klien that you found.... I bought the one I have on ebay a couple of years ago. Mine is very tiny print (about 5 by 7) it's actually a thin plaque that's hung by ribbon. It doesn't have near the detail as yours. Your's looks like it's oil painted. It's One of my favorite prints of roses...such soft muted colors and the roses are just perfect!
    I sure have enjoyed seeing your treasured finds! I'll be back again soon! I hope you have a great day!
    Big Hugs,