Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A stroll through the cozy cottage garden…..

I swear we just survived the longest winter ever and it’s a joy to walk the yard and see what has come to life!

These primrose were here when we bought the house almost 19 years ago. I just love their bright fuchsia color with the sunny yellow centers.

Once again, my gardens are covered with forget-me-nots. Fortunately I love it! Sometimes I’m lucky to get blue with a touch of pink flowers. This year I got blue speckled with white. So sweet!

Looks like the beginnings of a birds nest blew into my bleeding hearts. I hope the birds were able to make a new home!

My fence that my husband and I (yes me!!) built to hide my compost pile.

Early spring, during a bad storm we lost a huge maple tree. With it gone, I’m hoping the grass will become thicker and my dogwood will fill in.

Every year when the kids were little, we’d drive up to the Lilac Farm in Cambridge Springs and they would pick out a lilac for me for Mothers Day. This is my favorite. It’s pink!

One year on the trip my little guy got very car sick and lost it as soon as the car door open. The owners of the Lilac Farm, a very sweet older couple, came running over to help. Turns out the woman use to be a nurse. She cleaned my son up and sat him down until he felt better. When we were leaving the husband brought over three little potted lilacs and gave one to each of my kids. He said they were a mystery variety. So we went home and planted these little things never thinking they survive. Well they are now tall and gorgeous just like my kids. All three plants turned out to be a soft purple old fashion lilac that smells just divine!

Last but not least, is this gorgeous magenta lilac. We call it Grandma’s lilac because my husband took a cutting from his mom’s huge old bush. It’s beautiful and smells wonderful! I can’t wait for all these lilacs to be in full bloom!


  1. WOW! Your garden looks wonderful already. Yours is way ahead of mine....so pretty....don't you just love lilacs!

  2. Oh thank you so much for the stroll through your garden and yard! I took a break from work and with it having rained for a week here, your flower pics made my day! Also, I received my egg cups and I love them - just have gotten behind with everything the last few weeks. I plan to put a picture of them on my blog, today perhaps. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh Holly, your yard looks so inviting. Lilacs are a big favorite of mine. Here they won't blossum until around the 20-25th of May. It's raining today, and chilly. Soon, I keep telling myself, soon. Hugs, Kathleen

  4. WOW!!! Your gardens are just gorgeous. Such a wonderful time of year.

  5. i just discovered your pretty pretty blog!

    did you really grow the lilac from a clipping?! i loooooooove lilacs. i really should get one for my yard.

    happy weekend!