Saturday, November 8, 2008

A peek into the past.....sort of.....

My mother found a pile of old, old, family pictures. The most charming glimpse into our past. But only one problem, no one ever wrote on them who they are! Both my parents are only children. There are distant cousins we occasionally run into, but no one we can ask. Here is a beautiful woman. Not sure if she’s a relative or friend of the family, but she will have a special place on my wall very soon!

And this wedding party is fabulous! Oh the bouquets and the dresses!!! We don’t know who the bride and groom are, but fortunately we recognize my grandmother and grandfather. They are very young and since we have two copies of this picture (one for each of them), we think it was before their wedding. My grandma is in the top row, fourth from the left and my grandpa is to her left.

Lesson learned. Write dates and names on all pictures. I’m tempted to go though my wedding album right now. But something tells be that in 75 or more years, a wedding photo from the 1980’s is not going to as enchanting as one from the 1920’s is now!


  1. Very awesome those huge bouquets! Your grandma and grandpa are very good looking! That is so great you are going to get to keep these.

  2. Love the old photo's. I agree with Denise, my eye was looking at those huge bouguets. I'd love to see a larger photo of this. Glad you were able to see your grandparents.