Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Travels....

On a recent day trip I found this fun vintage suitcase compact. I love all figural compacts, but the travel cases are just so charming. Here it is with a 1939 New York World’s Fair suitcase compact. This was one of my first figural finds when I started collecting. I can honestly say that over 10 years later the thrill of the find is still great!

Introduced in 2004, The World Traveler Compact by Estee Lauder is their much younger sister. It comes with travel stickers to add. I just can bring myself to put them on this gorgeous enamel. Ah…maybe someday!


  1. I always learn so much about compacts from you. Those are wonderful. Love that World's Fair compact. Thanks for sharing part of your collection. Lets see more!

  2. Very cool..............I don't think I could put the stickers on either........