Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Bedroom Redo!

We finally finished one of our big summer projects - an almost complete redo of my middle daughters room. She's a purple girl as you can see, so she picked many hues and shades of purple to work with.

We kept the furniture that she already had. Still need a picture or art work over the tall dresser. We haven't found something that says "WOW" yet. But we will!

The headboard is new. She loves to read and needed more space for all her books. And this keeps them handy for her. (And it's a nice area to keep her diabetes supplies handy too! ~mom's always thinkin'~)

My husband did the new shelving in her closets. It's so nice and organized, I'm motivated to do our closet now.

The artwork she choose for over the bed surprised me. It's got a modern flare, but I just love it. Perfect for the young woman she's become!

It turned out so inviting, light, and relaxing. We are all very pleased with it. I love walking by her room and just looking at it!

Now on to the next project....the bathroom we started months ago!


  1. So PRETTY! The bedroom turned out so nice and I love the new bedspread. I think that is the same color I have on the walls of our learning room/home office. It is a wonderful and relaxing hue.

  2. I love the wall color. We used to have about the same color on my daughter's wall until she decided she wanted a bright green...sigh. It looks lovely!

  3. How pretty! I am sure she is very proud of it. Ginger

  4. Hi! It's nice to meet you! Thank you for becoming my newest follower. Your daughter's room looks so pretty. We just redid my youngest daughter's room also, in a pretty light blue. Our daughter's must be about the same age. She is 19, and just starting her first year at college. I love the poem you wrote for your daughter, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I can certainly relate! I have 3 daughter's. The 19 yr old is my youngest. It's bittersweet when they grow their own wings. See you in blogland!


  5. Lovely room, so light and fresh. Job well done!