Monday, August 16, 2010

Her Turn

Her Turn
By Linda Ellis

Carefree and independent,
I kissed them both goodbye
the day I left my parents' home
and got my wings to fly.

Now my own daughter has shown me
just how deep their feelings were,
as those invisible wings of freedom
were, today passed on to her.

When it's time, a mother eagle
gives her young a gentle shove
to push him from the nest,
though she does this out of love.

But I am not an eagle,
nor do I possess her will
and there's a void inside my heart,
I don't know how I'm going to fill.

Though, I know this was inevitable;
children grow, it's what they do
and growing up, means growing apart
and growing away from you.

I was given the most precious gift
when I held my newborn daughter
and I only pray now she remembers
most of everything I've taught her.

I peered out each window from the house
where she played and laughed and grew
and everywhere I looked, I saw
the little girl I knew.

When she started kindergarten,
that's where we met the bus that day.
I stood bewildered in the street
as I watched it drive away.

I took her picture by those Azaleas
in a dress of pretty lace,
with a little chocolate bunny left
on her hands and on her face.

There's the spot where she rode by
with only the wind at her heels,
peddling her wobbly little bike
when we removed her training wheels.

These memories may be beautiful,
but they still cut me like a knife,
as I sit alone here and remember
how much she's brightened up my life.

Now everything has changed here
in just one dusk.and one dawn
and I'm trying my best to comprehend
how 20 years have come and gone.

But, it's her turn to face the world
just the same as it was mine;
it's her turn to laugh and love
and it's her turn to shine!

But I beg you, world, be kind to her
and easy with her heart,
let her quickly learn the lessons
from the wisdoms you'll impart.

Let her heart remain unbroken,
and her humor never fail,
let each untruth that will befall her
quickly be unveiled.

Let her realize there's a blessing
in everything she'll live and learn
as she spreads her wings and flies,
because, world, it's her turn.

Copyright 2010
Linda Ellis

I'm so proud of you Amanda!
I love you so much!


  1. How beautiful is that poem. Love the sentiment.

    Amanda is such a beautiful girl! Holly, before you know it she'll be home visiting, probably with laundry in tow!

    Pam S.

  2. that is so sweet, you made me tear up!!! my son is a senior this year..sigh

  3. This poem is beautiful,but heartbreaking at the same time. Thinking of you, Holly!

  4. you brought tears to my eyes.......she is so beautiful! you have taught her well.....she will be fine.....its hard tho I know.....but it does get better. Its so fun to watch them mature and grow...

  5. crying. now. . . . . . . .

    oh sigh. You know you've done a great job with your beautiful girl. So happy for you, and for Amanda, too!!

    xo P

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