Sunday, October 23, 2016

A surprise Wilendur find

Those of you who follow me on my blog or on Facebook know I'm a Wilendur fanatic! I've been collecting vintage tablecloths for years and never really expect to find one I haven't seen before.

I picked up this pretty and just LOVED it. Held it up to check for damage and when I didn't see any, I quickly folded it and continued shopping.

Got it home and ask my husband to hold it open so I could admire it fully. He is the one that found the "Wilendure" tag.  What a bonus to a tablecloth I already loved!

This one will be staying in my personal collection, but if you're looking for some terrific vintage tablecloths, be sure to visit The Pink Rose Cottage!


  1. I love this tablecloth! So vibrant and the colors are gorgeous. Even purple! :) This must be a rare one, lucky you.

    1. Thanks Pam! I do think it's rare and I'm just over the moon happy with my find!