Monday, February 20, 2012

February in Pennsylvania

It’s hard to believe it’s February here in beautiful Pennsylvania! Usually we have at the very least a few inches of snow by this time of the year. But it’s relatively warm and oh so sunny. A perfect day for drying vintage tablecloths!

The big pink and white block tablecloth is a Wilendur. It is that wonderful cotton that Wilendur is so famous for. I'll use it layered with another pink Wilendur. Probably the Princess Rose or the Clover.
I haven't identified the next two as of yet. I just love pink roses with blue. And the cheery flowers in little pots make me smile!

The next one is a Startex. I adore the ruffle and the red bows. It will look great with red Fiestaware.

The towels are sweet too. A Startex cherry, a Wilendur, and two other unidentified patterns.

Now that all my vintage linens are crisp and dry, they smell so good! Keeping my fingers crossed for more wonderful February weather!

1 comment:

  1. crazy, isn't it, Holly??!!~

    I for one am keeping my fingers crossed that we've seen the last of the snow, and it wasn't much. WOOHOO!