Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If Walls Could Talk....

Remember the show If Walls Could Talk on HGTV? That was one of my favorite shows. I'd love to live in an old house and find a message on the wall....well...I kinda did! LOL!

We are (finally) redoing our downstairs guest powder room. The entire back wall was a mirror. When my husband removed it, he found this note. I don't think Vernondale Glass is still in business. Fun to find even in my ~not so old, but old enough~ house!

Here are a few before pictures I took around Easter time....Yes, I'm a little slow on this. The whole redo things intimidates me. I know what I want until I walk into Lowes and see all the choices. Or until we start measuring and pricing things out.

Because this bath is so small, only 5 feet by 5 feet, we would need a custom made vanity and sink. Cost is going to prevent us from doing that and it turnes out to be a good thing becasue I wanted a pedestal sink anyhow (hubby didn't, LOL)...and with the money we'll save I can have the floor tiled.

Here you can see where some little stinker...I mean little kid....starting removing the wall paper next to the commode long before we were able to start the redo.

I'm so very happy this ceiling is gone!!! It will need a lot of work as there is two florescent fixtures and a fan under all that loveliness. But it will be worth it to hang a vintage light from the now taller ceiling!

As I said, this is going to be a slow process, but I'll keep you posted on our progress!


  1. you have such wonderful taste, I know its going to be gorgeous!!

  2. How fun to find a secret note in the walls. Bet your bathroom is going to be a beauty!
    Hugs, Kathleen

  3. how fun!!! what a great find..

    I can't wait to watch the progress!