Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mangle Mania!

Some of you asked to see the mangle and here she is! As you can see it has a nice countertop like cover.

There is a knee control lever that makes the ironing roll go around. The back has a long metal bar called the ironing shoe that gets very hot. I just feed the cloth though a few times and it’s nice and crisply pressed! It's great on all linens, but you wouldn't believe how wonderful it is with linen damask. It just makes the design pop from the cloth!

I purchased my mangle at an estate sale on the second day so it was half price. I paid $2.50 for it! It’s extremely heavy and was very hard to load in my van, but so worth the effort! It came with its original instructions.

Here they show a beautifully pressed christening gown.

And a mans dress shirt.

Can you imagine?? I’ve only done flat items with the mangle. It must take a lot of skill to do detailed pieces.

And while I still use an iron when I don’t want to be down in the dungeon (my basement laundry room, lol), I know my mangle is going to get quite a work on in the next few weeks. I recently purchased tons and tons of vintage linens. I’m soaking and pressing and loving it!!

Future clean, crisp vintage linens!

I’m trying not to keep too much, so check out my store The Pink Rose Cottage or my items on eBay at the*cozy*cottage. I’ll be adding these linens soon and often!


  1. Holly, I have never heard of a mangle! Wow, I have learned something. How wonderful to own this. I too love linens and I have a ton that I must get out and wash and press. Just never enough time, is there? Looking so forward to seeing your freshly pressed linens!

  2. yours looks just like mine only your roller is so clean! Oh yes...linen heaven soaking and ironing!

  3. Holly I loved the mangle tour. May I ask what you soak your vintage linens in? I could use some help in that department. Many thanks, hugs, Kathleen

  4. Holy Moly!! Imagine using that man it would take a day to do the washing!! EEKKS Im glad in in this generation of electric things!!

  5. I've never heard of that before, but you sure hit the MOTHER LOAD!! What an awesome deal :)