Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Markdowns and more…

Oh I use to dread Monday’s! I hated the weekend ending and having to go off to school or work! But now that I work at home, I really look forward to them. As I get older, I find that I really enjoy a routine and a plan. Especially after a nice weekend!

And we did have a nice weekend. We visited my husband’s mother. She misses the kids and really had a good time catching up with everyone. On the way home we stopped at the outlet shops. Of course, I wasn’t going to buy anything. But the deals were too good to ignore. And nothing thrills me like a bargain!

I wanted to pass on the thrill of a deal to my friends and customers at The Pink Rose Cottage. So I’ve added a new category Monday Markdowns. Every Monday I’ll pick a few items and reduce them up to 50%! But only on Monday’s! When Monday is over, so is bargain pricing. You’ll never know what I’ll pick to feature, but you know it will be a wonderful item at a great value!

It’s still nice and cool here. Maybe a little too cool as we had a frost last night and are expecting another tonight. But my lilacs are still gorgeous! And oh the sweet scent! The flowers in the center are called President Grevy and they look almost blue. The others are from a bush that was here when we bought the house. A beautiful deep purple color. I have the bouquet on one of my favorite Wilendur’s, the wildflower pattern. I say “one of my favorites” about every Wilendur I talk about, don’t I?? LOL!

Remember my post from last week, Accidental Collection? Well, Melissa from Piney Rose posted her darling miniature chair collection. Go over and check it out. Her little outdoor patio chairs are just the sweetest!!

Speaking of chairs, I wanted to share this enchanting cozy cottage chair wall art I recently listed on ebay. The pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s so cottage sweet! Perfect for an enclosed cottage patio for sure! I’d love to find it a good home as I am so very tempted to keep it!

Today is laundry day, so I better get to it! The weather is beautiful and I just love to hang the clothes to dry. They smell so good that way, especially the sheets! Plus I'm soaking and sunning some vintage linens. Something else that thrills me!! Hope everyone is doing something that gives them a little thrill!! Have a great Monday!


  1. Good Morning Holly! I am doing laundry this mroning too. What a great idea....I love the Monday Mark-down. Makes Monday a little more bearable. We went to the auction Saturday night. And yesterday we had a cook out...with our jackets on! It was that chilly. All the plants are coming in again tonight. Big frost is due! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Kathleen

  2. sounds like you are having a great MOnday. I love your table....those lilacs are so pretty. I will have to pop over and visit your new catagory...sounds fun!

  3. Oh how cute that chair wall art is! And your lilacs are divine. I should consolidate my laundry day into one day a week. I do laundry every single washer is constantly running it seems, and there are only 3 of us at home.

  4. I just love the tablescape and flowers what a lovely combination of lavender, very soothing.