Sunday, March 29, 2009

French Holy Water Font

I just added this beautiful antique French Style Holy Water Font to my webstore. I wish I knew the history of it and where it came from. My mother always had a Holy Water Font in our home, so this one is not necessarily from a church. A lovely and unusual piece regardless of its origins.

My intent was to list a lot of Easter items today. But it’s such a miserable, dreary day that none of the pictures I took turned out nice. Hoping for a better day tomorrow, so please stop back!


  1. Oh Holly * I love it, I bought it! I have a tiny holy water bottle with a silver stopper that I love.It will be perfect with it. Paypal keeps timing out on me, so I'll try again in a bit. THANK YOU!!!! xo P

  2. boohoo! I hope it found a good home :) . . . .so good talking to you tho :) . . little holy water bottle will remain all alone for now. Call me if you ever find another * hehehehe!! Thanx Holly * No worries! xo P

  3. Hi Holly, that was a sweet find! Great vintage piece. I adore old religious items...holy cards, stautues, rosaries...Must have been that Catholic school. I am still in hot anticipation of going to yard sales and flea markets, if the warmer weather would just get here! Hugs, Kathleen

  4. Holly, I love your website and your items, as well as your inspiring blog - I'm working on my blog and trying to get it off the ground.

  5. Beautiful picture of a holy water font. Your website is very inspiring :)

    French Course Angel