Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweetheart Compacts

Of all the powder compacts in my collection, my World War II Sweetheart compacts are by far my favorite. I think they represent the best of America. Patriotism was the utmost importance and Americans rose to the challenge of the times.

Most of these compacts were probably sold in PX’s for the soldiers to bring home on leave. With the rationing of metals during the war, these were probably a splurge. They were given with love and pride. Pride in our country, pride in our military, and pride in the women left behind working to keep their family and country going strong. Each one has a story we’ll never know. But every time I touch them I think about the woman who used them. What was she like? How did she cope with the war and her loved one being gone and not knowing what the next day will bring? And does she know now how grateful we are today for what this entire generation has done for us?

Air Force and V for Victory Compacts

Military Hat Compacts

Here are some contemporary patriotic power compacts. “The New York Spirit” (apple) compact and the smaller “America the Beautiful” compact were released after 9/11. Although they may have been in the works before the attack on September 11th, at the time of release, these compacts were purchased with great pride and love for our country.

I also display my patriotic solid perfumes with my powder compacts. Definitely fun and go well with the rest of the theme.

And to the men and women serving our country today – a heartfelt THANK YOU! God Bless You and God Bless America.


  1. Holly!!! I LOVE your collection of compacts ~ I had no idea that the WWIIs were called SWEETHEART Compacts ~ very nice, thanks for sharing, they are lovely!

  2. Holly....What a great collection! Love the military hat ones!!

    I nominated you for the Marie Antoinette Award!! Go to my blog and read all about it!


  3. Very Cool! What a great collection....I love the hat neat!

  4. Holly, I'm very impressed with your collection. How they represent history. Thanks for sharing. Hope you continue to show us more!