Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Last of Summers Blessings

 Summer passed way too quickly.  It always does. Here are some beautiful dahlia. All that is left of my cutting garden.

I no longer save my dahlia tubers as they are readily available every spring with a nice variety of colors. But this little pompom blossom is a keeper! 

So after Sandy passes, I'll be out digging in the garden once again! 

Until then, and despite the cold and rain, I'll enjoy the last blessings from summer!

Prayers and good thoughts to all in Sandy's path. Stay safe!

1 comment:

  1. Aren't dahlias beautiful! I planted some that were on sale at wal-mart, didn't think they would come up, but they surprised me with their presence a month later! Just beauiful! Forgot to get a picture of them. I discovered a volunteer white flower, I think a coreopsis, that the birds must have planted near my orange ones! What a surprise, I love surprises in the garden! Happy fall! Got extra water ready in case we lose power with the wind thas starting from Sandy here in Western NC, its amazing how far inland the winds from the coastal storms come. Plus the cold snow is supposed to come our way as well!
    Be safe!