Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas?

"Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover".


So what do you think of this 1960 ad? If you received a vacuum cleaner for Christmas would you be thrilled or thrilled to pick it up and hit your hubby over the head? I don't know. I have a Dyson I love, so if I needed to replace it maybe I'd be happy. But a vacuum is not jewelry!

One year my husband bought me (at my request) a Rowenta iron and an extra wide ironing board. My dad was mortified!! "How could he buy her an iron for her birthday??" No matter how many times I explained it to him that I was using it for my hobby and that I really wanted it, he was appalled! I found it all kind of funny as my dad is really stuck in the 50's in his ideas of what a woman should be in this world. (Although he's softened quite a bit now that he has 4 successful college aged granddaughters.)

I was thrilled with my gift. I still have the ironing board but the Rowenta crapped out just a month or so after the warranty expired. I guess if my husband would have bought me jewelry I'd most likely still have it. But I still think it was a great gift!


  1. That ad is too funny! Were women brainwashed then?
    If I got a Hoover I would hit my DH over the head with it, LOL! As a friend of mine says to her family, "don't give me anything with a tail" (meaning an appliance cord).
    I really was thinking about asking for a Keurig 1-cup fresh brew coffemaker this year, until I realized I couldn't afford the K-cups. How sad!

    Yup Holly, stick with the jewelry, tablecloths, Vera Bradley, etc.!

  2. I don't mind the hubby gettin' the Hoover at Christmas as long as he lets me buy the things I like during the year! LOL

  3. Love that Pam "don't give anything with a tail"!

    Good point Melissa!

    I do have to say that my husband asked for parts for the gas grill for Christmas. I argued with him but got them for him anyhow. Got him some good stuff too!

  4. sometimes easier to just say..let's not exchange gifts this year. He always wants something I can't find or afford, and he gets me stuff I am bewildered by! It actually is better that we are broke this year!!! No expectations to mess up!

  5. One of our first Christmases after we were married, DH got me a crock pot at the suggestion of my Dear Mother. I was devastated! I yelled "You bought me a crock pot???!!! He says "it was your mother's idea" and she was sitting right next to me. LOL! I can still hear her say "Chrissy, you must learn how to cook!" I still have it and it's been used many times over the years. Love your ad, Holly! So funny!

  6. Thats funny! My Husband and I are junkers/collectors,so we are always giving eachother strange to others gifts! My soon to be Daughter-in-Love at the time several CHRISTmases ago couldn't believe how excited I got about receiving a big orange box,albeit an orange Nesbitts drink box! My favorite orange drink when I was growing up in CA!
    Happy New Year to you, Thanks for the recipe, I guess the milk would be the whole can right? It was not mentioned. Sounds delish!

  7. cj! I totally missed that! Yes, one can of sweetened condensed milk. I added that to the recipe!

    I think that's a terrifically thoughtful gift from your hubby!