Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Special Find and The Tablecloth Fairy

I didn't go to that many garage sales this past season, but when I did go, I was pretty lucky! A few weeks ago I picked up MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Fiestaware color ~ Lilac! An entire service for four, in the unopened original box! I also picked up some serving pieces from the same sale!

If any of you are Post86 Fiesta junkies, you know that Lilac is somewhat rare and hard to get. I started collecting Fiestaware after Lilac was retired and only was able to obtain a few odd pieces until now! This find had me over the moon!

Since I am a member of The Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club I'd bet you can guess that next concern would be which tablecloth to use! Luckily my fellow club member and dear, sweet friend Pam came to the rescue and surprised me with this fabulous vintage tablecloth!

The shade of purple is near perfect and with that stripe of pink I can easily add Rose Fiesta into the mix to create a different look!

I only have one set of Lilac flatware but I used Rose and Evergreen and that worked out nicely.

This tablescape was a huge hit with my entire family!

Thank you Pam (my personal Tablecloth Fairy) for making my exciting find even more special!


  1. Holly, I am so very happy that you love the tablecloth. Your Lilac Fiesta Ware is fabulous! I'm so flattered you included me in your blog ((blushing)). Pam

  2. Oh my gosh. That was so nice of her! That table setting is so gorgeous!

  3. I love the tablecloth...who is it made by? Thank you!