Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lovin' My Pink Bush Rose!

About this time last year I told you about my new bush rose. I'm enjoying it so much. It peeks out of the garden fence.

It's a constant burst of pink!

And I'm even willing to share it with the daddy long legs. But it really is wonderfully bug resistant.

I think I'm going have to have another one soon!


  1. for me roses are de queen of de flowers Ilove them. See some from my blog from my mother´s house.

    and many others...hugs

  2. Its gorgeous! I love the one peeking through the fence...

  3. love the sweet pink roses! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments on my child's chair redo. It's pretty easy to do - I love to experiment a little, and I would SO love to try the new chalk paint everyone is raving about! BTW, I got my little dessert spoons I purchased from you and I love them!