Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Blue & White Bathroom Redo

In the past few days I’ve received two of my favorite magazines. Country Living and Victoria. The theme ~ Blue & White. Then I remember I never shared my bathroom redo! (Funny how my mind works like that.)

Now, I’m not a blue and white girl. It’s PINK PINK PINK all the way. But I picked up this vintage ceiling shade and fell in love. It became my inspiration piece.

So off to Lowes for matching paint and white wainscoting. Here’s how it all turned out:

The vintage mirror and shelf are garage sale finds. I love that the mirror is cloudy! My daughter is afraid that guests will think we don’t clean it, but to me it’s just delightful (translation – hides wrinkles).

I love the sleek look of my new pedestal sink. We were able to keep the existing floor. We had exactly 4 tiles left in our attic from when the original owners did their redo. We knew it was going to be close. Maybe if we were lucky four would work. I found a wonderful handy man and he did an excellent job. Used every inch of the four tiles and saved me from having to buy new flooring. Phew!

Because I went from a cabinet to pedestal sink I was losing a lot of important storage. Remember my pie/cake carrier find? Well, it’s the perfect size to store extra rolls of toilet paper and clean hand towels. And the color is a wonderful match too!

Next to the sink I reused my previous little shelf-towel rack combo, painted white to match the wainscoting. The vintage bluebird print was a favorite find from an antique show. And I found the little bird figurines at Michaels.

On the shelf above the toilet I put vintage powder tins and other vintage vanity items. And I had to add a splash of pink with my art deco lady figurines.

I couldn’t leave the back of the toilet unfinished. So a vintage silver and glass dish holds silver compacts and perfumes. Another dash of pink from the flowers pulled together in an old silver creamer.

On the other wall I put an antique frame painted white. I hung all my vintage silver powder compacts with ring loops in the frame. Found a little porcelain shelf for a silver purse compact.

I still have a lot of room on that wall and I’m looking for a yard long. Hopefully one with white roses or bluebirds. Both together would be fabulous!

Across from the toilet I still have a blank palette. I’m sure to find the perfect piece during one of my treasure hunts!

My little 5’ by 5’ guest bathroom really has come along way hasn’t it? We are tackling the kitchen next. I'm tired already! LOL!


Now I’m off to enjoy a cup of tea and read my magazines. I just love when an new magazine arrives in the mail, don’t you?


  1. beautiful!! love the frame with all of your compacts especially!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love how it turned out! that ceiling light is 2 die 4! And of course I love all your the it all! Great job! So clever your new toilet paper holder...too cute!

  3. Holly, it's simply gorgeous! I love it all. That mirror is to die for, and I love how you hung the little compacts inside the frame!

  4. Just love the bathroom redo. The frame with the compacts is my favorite part for now! LOL!!!

  5. Hi,
    Your bath turned out so nice. Love the way you displayed the compacts in the frame.

  6. Im your newest follower and that bathroom make over is beautiful. it looks very elegant and shabby all in one.
    I have also added you to my favourites list as I plan on checking in regularly.
    Have a great week,

  7. Oh, what a wonderful redo! You made your bathroom very comfy and peaceful. And I’m so happy that you chose the right color, it makes your bathroom look classic and vintage. Well, I loved the ceiling shade as well! ^_^

    Gabrielle Jeromy

  8. Oh my gosh....Its so gorgeous..I just love it..Thanks for sharing it..
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