Thursday, July 8, 2010

Presentation Boxes

It’s always just a little extra special to find a treasured item in it’s original box. But finding something in a presentation box is more then exciting! Not only does it add value, but also adds a little something extra to the item and the way it’s displayed.

Take for example this vintage gift set from Mais Oui. While the perfume and talc bottles are charming on their own, the presentation box with its outstanding graphics is more then an added bonus!

This pretty but simple Richard Hudnut rouge and powder compact is delightfully enhanced by its satin blue box. Dated 1924.

Another Hudnut powder compact with a more elaborate presentation box. With it's French flare, lovely shade of pink and it's enchanting little tassel, this box is as desirable as the compact itself.

Sometimes a sturdy but uncharismatic box holds stunning surprises. These two Art Deco vanity items are a perfect example. The striking pink and black is a raspberry rouge compact and framboise lipstick. Unfortunately both the presentation box and the cosmetic containers have no evidence of their maker.

The outstanding red compact holds both powder and rouge and is by Lucien LeLong and was made in Paris, France. Safely hidden away and protected in the simple presentation box has kept it in near prefect condition.

This little box is as sweet on the outside as the vanity items are inside. This cosmetic duo was put together by none other then the Fuller Brush Company. The cardboard box is what we now call “Cottage Chic” with its buttoned ruffled print trim and cottage pink rose bouquet.

The inside holds Debutante Jewel Red nail polish and lipstick of the same color. Both containers are gorgeously designed to match the presentation box. The cosmetics are by Daggett & Ramsdell of New York.

And last but not least, this presentation box is exquisite all on its own! This box almost certainly held jewelry instead of perfume or other vanity items. The top is a deep rich pink velvet framed with celluloid lace. Heart shaped, it opens to ivory satin lining with a double heart imprint. Marked Crosby.

While it’s original contents remain a mystery, the box is perfect all alone!

So whether you find a gorgeous presentation box all alone or with it’s gift, they are a lovely addition to your collectible and to your decor!


  1. oh they are all wonderful but that first one is my fav!! I do the cottage chic pretty!

  2. Awesome collection ... I'd never be able to pick one ...

    Have a lovely summers eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Thanks for sharing these very pretty "presentation" boxes. I never knew what to call them until now...and since I love words and language...(I should have been an English teacher) I am so happy to learn something new today. I am going to start paying attention to presentation boxes. I've kept boxes before and used them for jewelry boxes...too pretty to toss.