Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Treasure From My Grandma

I've had this old box since I was twelve. I keep it tucked under my bed. Every now and then I pull it out and look at the treasures it holds. Today I was suppose to be working, but the box was calling me. I haven't visited it in a long time.
Every time I open it I give a little gasp at the beauty of the treasures it holds.

Brown velvet ribbon and pink and teal silk grapes.

There are soft pastel wreaths and rosettes still on the mesh backing.

One lone little bouquet of calla lilies.

Rosette trios.

Blue pansies trimmed in gold.

Roses and more in beautiful jewel tones with gold trim.

I'm not sure when or how I got my treasures. I know they were my grandmothers. I've only ever used three. I sewed them to the christening gown my daughters wore when they were baptized. Those are put away with the gown for their daughters.

I must have been thinking about the box today because it's my grandmothers birthday. I lost her to breast cancer when I was twelve. She was only 62. As I get older I understand how truly young she was.

She was strong, beautiful and talented. She loved antiques and had a wonderful store. I inherited my love of vintage from her. I wish I would have inherited her creativity gene too. She was a wonderful seamstress. She never shied from a large project. After my grandfather died, she sold their farm house and moved into a charming little cottage-like home. She didn't like the old refrigerator. It was yellow. So she covered it, top to bottom, in fabric to match her kitchen curtains and chair pads. It was beautiful!

She moved in with us when she was at her sickest but kept her home as we all thought she would get well and go back. The day after she died, her home caught fire burning a large portion of it almost completely to the ground. Not much survived, mostly things in the back bedrooms. I'm not sure if my treasure was in her home or her shop, but it's my own little gift from her. I only had her for twelve years, but she has shaped me in many ways. The baby picture on the home page of my website is her. I know she helps me live my dream.

Love you and miss you Grandma! Happy Birthday!


  1. what a sweet treasure box, with great memories, i love it!!!

  2. geesh Holly....you made me tear up.....what a wonderful tribute to your Grandma. I love all your treasures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us...I can see why that box called you today.

  3. The box is beautiful and filled with great treasures!

    I will be putting up another post as SOON as I can get my hands on Romantic Homes Magazines Annual Bed and Bathroom issue, which has featured my Pillows in it.

    Have a great week,

  4. What lovely treasures you have to remind you of your Grandma. You really should think of finding a way to display them somehow instead of keeping them tucked away in a box. They are much too pretty to be hidden from view.

    I think your Grandma would love knowing just how much these little treasures mean to you.

  5. Oh how sweet....these are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. It's wonderful that you have those beautiful keepsakes from your special grandmother! She was an angel and passed on at such a young age. My grandmother also died of breast cancer at age 62. Such a loss. Like your grandmother, mine gave me special gifts of love. Thanks for the memories, yours and mine!

  7. Lovely treasures and handiwork...I live right near the Cape!

  8. What a wonderful story, and how tragic her cottage was lost. I was 12 when my grandmother died. We were not close, and I so wish we had been. You are so lucky to have "pieces: to treasure and pass on. Hugs, Kathleen

  9. Holly, Such a beautiful story about your beloved grandmother. My Grandma, her name is Beatrice, is 87, and she has given me some beautiful pillowcases crocheted and embroidered by her mother-in-law, my great grandmother Ruby. All the memories and treasures that little box holds for you are precious.

  10. Your treasure box holds many things. Tho some are tangible, many are not. Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories.

  11. I can't imagine a more wonderful treasure box from a grandma!

  12. What a story. I love this story. The box and its treasures in it will always be in my memory now too. Thanks so much for sharing such a precious story with us. I am going to make a box for my 6 yr. old granddaughter now and put it up. This will give me time to start filling it with precious things.

  13. What sweet memories of your grandma. My mom died before 2 of my children were born...grandmas are so important!

  14. Your sweet words describing your grandmother really touched my heart. Grandmothers are so special and it sounds like yours was a very special one indeed. I still have a grandmother living. She is in her late 80's. She's in good health mentally but physically she's been thru the ringer. Always cherish that box of special things. : )

    ~ Wendy

  15. I got the box to start Hannas box. Now for thinking of what to put in it. I just entered your blog contest and you gave me an idea of putting a vintage hanky in it as my first item. Kath' at dublshot@comcast.net