Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Valentines….

Oh my! It’s snowing again. Or should I say still…the weatherman tells us we will break the record for the 7th snowiest winter today. And it’s only January! We’re sure to break a few more...But I’m hunkered down with a nice comfy fire and all I want to do is plot in front of it and read all day. I just wish the kids and hubby were home. Such a cozy feeling to have everyone here safe and warm during this horrible weather.

Since I feel guilty reading all day, I thought I’d share another Valentines picture. This is my tea table in my living room. Amanda did another great job! I know Kathleen from Rural Maine Life wanted to see more Peggy Karr. The long platter is another from my collection. The Valentines planter and little Lefton girl figurine came from an estate sale for a song. 50¢ and 10¢. I think the little girl is so very sweet with the pink bird in her hand.

As much as I want to be lazy all day, I guess it’s time to get busy. Hope you are all staying warm as I know this lovely weather is affecting a lot of the country. Dig out those wool socks my friends!!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you have posted another Peggy Karr piece. This one is beautiful too. I am fast becoming a fan. Where do you usually find these lovely treasures? And how about that Lefton figurine? What a bargain! I am anxiously awaiting warm weather to start going to yard sales and flea markets. (my passion) But like you over there in Pennsylvania, it is snowing here, with a prediction of up to 20 inches by morning. Have another cup of tea, read a few more chapters, and enjoy the beauty and quiet. Hugs

  2. love all your displays! I love that peggy karr piece...and the little precious.

  3. Visiting your blog is like feasting on a box of luscious chocolates! I love the atmosphere you've created especially for Valentine season!