Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Charming Weekend Find

I went to a fun Mile Long Yard sale last Friday. Had a great time and got a little exercise by walking too! The very last stop was a church rummage sale. I really didn’t expect to find much since it was late in the day. But sitting oddly with the used electronic equipment was this darling little German sugar bowl with pink roses. Of course my heart jumped with excitement as I carefully placed it in my box.

Later that day when I went to clean it I found a little note tucked away inside, “Mrs. Chapman gave me this dish May 1957.” I think is just so sweet that the owner left this note inside. It was important for her to remember who gave her such a lovely gift. And now it’s a nice little extra to a find I will treasure!


  1. Oh you found my lost teapot er sugar bowl! Imagine that! Old Mrs. Chapman (who was called Chappy by her dear friends) gave it to me when I was a wee little lass of 3, just turned 3 on me birthday. Me Mum put it away for me and said 'Bonny girl, one day you and this tea pot will be reunited'...the memory is as clear as it happened on that day in June, I mean May ;o)!

  2. That is so sweet! I love those roses too.........great find.

  3. Hi, I'm Holly! And I "think" we have something in common. :> That tea pot is a special find in itself but add a note to it like that and it's doubly special! Is doubly a word???


    PS Ha-ha Becky up the hill! Nice try!

  4. What a great find and the note made it even more special! And wow, that is even older than me!!!